Heretic Studio RZR 800 and 900xp LED HEADLIGHTS


Product type: Lighting

Vendor: Heretic Studio



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Priced per pair these headlights are 100% bolt in headlights for the Polaris RZR, RZR S and 900xp and now come standard with a hi-low factory switch. The lights literally take the place of an off road light bar and simply bolt in to the location of the stock headlights and versus the standard RZR 650 lumen halogens these lights put out around 4000 lumen per side. The 900 XP OEM headlights put out 1250 and 1600 lumen (High beam) so these even multiply the stock LED headlight output by nearly 4 times. Simply put you are installing a 27 inch LED light bar in your headlights. With three 1270 lumen CREE LED bulbs mated to a proprietary chip driver and an always on daytime running LED strip these LED lights directly integrate in to the factory harness and factory switch. So on top of being stronger than the OEM lights in the 800 and XP 900 they are also brighter, more efficient and offer value added performance increase in keeping the front shocks cool.Boasting an industry leading outer lens that is both scratchproof and 99.7% efficient these lights are truly something special. The faceplate is made from 6061 billet aluminum, then hand sanded and anodized a bright dip black. Each light consists of (3) of our POD single lights each built from a 6061 billet aluminum slab and each LED features our unique chipset pushing a CREE XML LED. Each cylinder features a double o-ring design to keep water out and each chipset is mated to it's billet surrounding by our technicians in Salt Lake City, Utah.The price is per pair and they work on all year Polaris RZR 800 and 900 models. The standard offering is a black anodized LED faceplate with black anodized LED light cylinders. At no extra charge you can choose from your color of 3m carbon overlay on the faceplate. Colors include silver, black, gray, red and white carbon. Customer also has the choice between blue, white, orange and red halo colors. For an extra fee you can also have your cylinders anodized orange, blue or red. The (3) LED's are mounted to a 6061 billet aluminum baseplate that attaches itself to a swivel mount on the back of the faceplate. The whole light assembly is hard mounted to the RZR on the actual faceplate so there are no additional mounts required to install them. The base offering features a 10 inch LED halo, direect factory integration and customers choice of reflector configuration. Customer configures each bulb with either a spot or flood reflector and each light is completely rebuildable and reconfigurable. Expect up to 5 business days for the headlights to be assembled.